This is Aug 20, 2021. I'm going to put up the images I took while kayaking at Little River... Van Damme Park, just south of Mendocino on Thursday Aug 5, 2021. I'm super busy so this will probably take some time to complete, so check back if you don't see what you want. ... There is a lot more you can check out on this site also including kayaking at Santa Cruz Island at the Sea Caves.

Because I took a lot of pics, this will get split up some into different pages. Click on the picture to make it bigger or smaller. Some will be pretty big. Oh yeah. I was going to make some of them 1920 X 1080 so they could be used as screen backgrounds. ...[Update] Nope, that's a major hassle. If you see a picture of your self that you like, send an email to with the name of the picture (mouse over it to see it) and I will make you some custom versions of it including a screen background if you like. I guess it's free unless you really want to spot me something.

They are being processed in the order I took them so that I can just work through them. If you don't see your pic, check back later...

I hope I got a good pic of you and your friends/family. Enjoy, Mike

Send a note if you feel like it. Actually, I'm curious so send me an email if you find a pic you wanted. I think my work is worth an acknowledgement.

...08-20-2021 - Currently... one lousy pic of the group to start with.
...08-22-2021 - Some more pics... - As of 09-12-2021 no one has emailed me for a pic so I'm just moving on. Check out the next pics.
...09-12-2021 - Some other pics from the trip... Big pics. An experiment in image presentation.

So click on this...

So click on this...