Status - The Values We Operate On

Anthropologists can tell you that Status is what drives humans. So can marketing people. It is the biologically programmed drive to reproduce with the fittest individual you can mate with to get the best genes possible. You are drawn to them and ... worship them. In terms of instincts, status means that Uber Bunnyhunter doesn't get to make time with Chief Buffalo Strangler's daughter. Our instincts aren't too bright or adaptive though and in this media-driven world status has sort of become to mean the young, the beautiful and the wealthy. It leads to all kinds of problems. It makes us crazy. Beauty can be deceptive. Looks may not be paired with brains or stregnth. Wealth may not represent the moral instincts essential for survival. Materialism can be morally bankrupt and distract from what is important. Status can be fashion driven. Resources are wasted and a better genetic outcome can be achieved by using genetic technology to husband the best genes of both parents. Men and women, but especially women must be careful of how their reproductive instincts drive them because in a civilization they are the main one that gets to choose. Naturally, they are attracted to the alpha males, especially when young. In the long run, though they might be better off choosing nerds... Men with the skills more useful in a technical civilization or with powerful moral instincts or who will bond to you. This goes for men as well. You are programmed to respond to beauty. It can make you do really dumb things. If we husband our genes, beauty will become more common anyway. You need to find a mate that is your friend and who gives you love. That is what you are programmed to desire and it will provide the critical stability to support and build a civilization.