The Evolution of Man and Society by C. D. Darlington

C.D. Darlington was a brilliant British geneticist who wrote some major books about human genetic nature and how it related to society and culture. The books might not be written these days because any study of heredity has become somewhat taboo for a number of reasons including that in the past it has been used to justify race wars. We need to understand human genetics now for survival though. We will need the wealth of human ethnic variation to give us a chance to adapt to the future. This though is not about racial genetic variation. It is about the gentic potentials that worked together to create cities and civilization. Evolution is about a change in gene frequency. That can happen without a single mutation. Populations expand or shrink, but most importantly to civilization, they combine. It has been the coming together of peoples and cultures that has made human progress. That is this story and it is essential to understanding yourself and humanity.