Genetics and Caste

This is the first section that discusses human genetics. It is something of an introduction and it is to discuss one important topic. This is taken almost directly from my first incomprehensible book.

After a lifetime of distinguished research the great British geneticist, C. D. Darlington, wrote the book "The Evolution of Man and Society" to describe the genetic and social development leading to our present civilization. He described the main sources of civil society that developed in the Red River Valley of China, the Indus River of India, Meso-America and the civilizations of Sumeria from which Western culture developed. His description was of cultural and technological development, but especially of genetic development as different tribes and races came together over time. It is not that humans had a lot of mutations that changed them. It is that they combined and refined the genetic potentials of the different peoples that came together. His description was of how humans left our previous ecology of hunting, gathering and neolithic farming to a new ecology based on cities, new techniques and domestication of new crops and herd animals. It is like the crew of the boat. We left behind the ecology and niche that we had adapted to over millions of years. We entered an unstable time of continuous change that is very dangerous. His work is the ecological foundation upon which this book is created. This book then is to extend his work. It does describe his work and where we came from, but it is really to describe where we can go to. We need to again have a stable niche and a new ecology, based on trends, potentials and human aspirations. We must find a new ecology that we can survive in, a new land where we can survive and thrive.