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Humanity faces a problem. The world is changing rapidly and we are far from adapted to the world we live in now. We are most adapted to the tribal ecology we developed in over millions of years, but we left that when we developed cities and agriculture. We must find a new ecology that we can survive in long term and adapt to. It is an ecology we will create by strategic and genetic adaptation. Everything I write (except dive stories) is about how we can do this. We need to create a world that we want to live in, that is for and about humans rather than the technology that is the tools we use. I have systematically worked on this a long time, examining science, history, religion, philosophy, lore and what people value, to make a description of a new but familiar world where humanity can thrive and grow. I also have described a path to get there. Is it perfect or complete? Of course not. I've just tried to find a way to get to a calm harbor again where we can slow down and have some time to think about what we want to be instead of just reacting to changes we have no control over. There is great danger, but I see the potential for humans that matches any of our aspirations.

Most of the Genetic Strategy for adapting is described in my book
Genetics For A New Human Ecology. This "book" is to focus on Strategic Adaptation...

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Morro Bay Dock in the Fog


And here we are once again for about the fifth time. A new website, an old purpose - displaying and experimenting with new web technologies. If I'm trying to convince you to hire me, this is where I'll send you. This is a Bootstrap 4.0 based site in an S3 bucket. While my last one was "responsive", it was not like Bootstrap can do it. My last one though was an MVC site (, which I'm good at, but you can't put it in an S3. No, this one will be for experimenting with Lambda and stuff like that. If you want though, I'll be putting together a few EC2 instances with highly developed development environments for testing features like .Net Core, Aurora and node.js. Then I will save them as images in my S3 so that anytime I want I can have an advanced development environment in about 5 minutes at negligible cost until used.

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OK OK, I'll get to this. Gimme a little time! This is a really new site, but is a reboot of a lot of work.

This is all about creating a website for a variety of uses while exploring the capabilities of this latest Bootstrap version. I love Bootstrap. ... Oh yeah, AWS too.

OK, here's the first post.
Morality Introduction

And a Second
Worchester Time Capsule - No where near done.