Recent Software Classes and Certifications

Classes and Certifications

If you work in IT, you have to continually update your skills, sometimes, completely. Last time it was that I had to learn MVC web development. (I liked that.) This time it is the Cloud and some other stuff. Here is a collection Udemy and LinkedIn courses I have completed fairly recently. I hope it looks like I've been keeping current.

Originally was studying Azure, because I exist in a Microsoft Ecology, but my company wanted Amazon Web Services, so that is where I focused my expertise. There are other classes such as Agile and Security Principles. There have been architecture classes like TOGAF and ServiceNow. I can always add what is needed.

This is the one that took a little work, but I got it, the AWS Certified Architect Associate. I have a fair amount of exploration of AWS to go.

AWS Architect Associate
AWS Architect Associate

These images below should give you some idea of where I have been focusing my attention... I know my next direction as well. While I live in the MS ecology and am all about .Net, I work in the AWS Cloud and know the value of Python there. I'm also a big fan of Time Corey and Venkat.