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This is a brief resume for a .Net Developer.

For 25 years I have been successfully designing, architecting, building and releasing enterprise software projects.
I generally work in the Microsoft ecology and have extensive knowledge of Visual Studio, SQL Server, C#, .Net Core, ASP.Net, MVC, API and other MS technologies. I have passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam. I can use the AWS CLI, SDK, CDK and boto3. I'm also a git expert.

What roles I can fulfill best for you include Backend Data Processing Services, Windows development, Web Development, but especially Intranet development. I use highly developed JQuery AJAX to make very capable web pages.

While I habitually write high performance multi-threaded code, I also focus on maintainability both for the code in production as well as for future ownership. Any amature can write code, but is it code that won't just annoy you in a week or a year?

And here we are once again for about the fifth time. A new website, an old purpose - displaying and experimenting with new web technologies. If I'm trying to convince you to hire me, this is where I'll send you. This is a Bootstrap 4.0 based site in an S3 bucket. While my last one was "responsive", it was not like Bootstrap can do it. My last one though was an MVC site (A1SWDeveloper.com), which I'm good at, but you can't put it in an S3. No, this one will be for experimenting with Lambda and stuff like that. If you want though, I'll be putting together a few EC2 instances with highly developed development environments for testing technologies like .Net Core, Aurora and Python. Then I will save them as images in my S3 so that anytime I want I can have an advanced development environment in about 5 minutes at negligible cost until used.

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OK OK, I'll get to this. Gimme a little time! This is a really new site, but is a reboot of a lot of work.

This is all about creating a website for a variety of uses while exploring the capabilities of this latest Bootstrap version. I do like Bootstrap. ... Oh yeah, AWS is OK too.