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Strategy For A New Human Ecology - The other half of the answer to how humans can make a new ecology to survive and develop in long term. It is in progress and what this site is about.

Transition To A New Human Ecology - The Videos

After over five decades of work, I think I've mostly completed it, a description of how humans can create a new ecology where we can survive and develop long term. We need to adapt to it genetically and strategically. This is how. In my book Genetics For A New Human Ecology, I describe the great genetic danger we face from changes we have already made. It also describes how to ethically and economically husband our genes to solve that problem. It will also allow us to adapt to the future by taking advantage of the great wealth that our genes represent. That is completed and the video is below. but I haven't finished the part about strategy. Behavioral adaptation is the main way humans survive. Quite possibly the most important thing required for human survival is just understanding ourselves. Some of this story is written on this site and I've worked on videos of it some, but due to recent events I'm going to try to finish enough videos to explain what I found out about what humans will need to do strategically survive long term. We have the potential to reach our aspirations and the alternative is to go back to our past ruled by a blunt brutal red hand of nature. ... This is for all people, but especially the young people, perhaps at the same age I was when I started this. They are the most idealistic about the future.

My main study was biology. That seems sort of synonymous with survival. I had to cover most of the other sciences as well. Then I needed to get a farir knowledge of history, philosophy, religion and even lore, the stories that never go away because they are so important. I read ... more than I should have, including SciFi and other fiction. I loved stories about survival such as Swiss Family Robinson. There are so many stories, because so many thinkers have all tried to solve the same questions - how can and should humans survive? I was interested because I saw so much change and realized how much danger and potential for humanity it meant. It is a technical problem, but most of all it is a moral problem. Humans survive based on their strategies and strength. It's not like these answers I am suggesting aren't known, but the logical proofs we have of them are weak. Without strong knowledge and understanding, our beliefs and convictions cannot be strong. We need them to be strong or we will never make progress as we must and we will go backwards to just being tribal animals. We need our beliefs to align strongly with our moral instincts, because that is where our strengths and choices come from. At teh same time we need plans and strategies formed by our intellect because nature cannot provide strategies that are sophisticated enough for what we need. This story is to explain how we can we can survive and why we should. It is a moral statement, meant to give moral understanding and the moral strength that that understanding can create. We must understand ourselves because both our survival and destruction are in our nature. In a way it is like the description in my discussion of genetics. There is great danger because of changes we have made to natural selection and the mutation rate. The other side of that though is if we husband out genes to avoid that great danger, it will us allow us to adapt to the future genetically as we need to and also it will give us unimaginable genetic wealth. If we avoid dangerous moral strategies from our past given to us by nature, especially one of them, and choose to use others created by humans, we will be able to make a great future for humanity. Now let's see how clear and convincing I can be supporting my conclusions. Comments in the text are usually meant to fill in any small details I missed in the videos.

The Videos

I have worked a long time on this but with the present challenge of the Covid-19 coronavirus, I feel a bit of pressure to finish up some so I've decided to make some videos of the Strategy part. I've used video before and I like how it communicates, but it is easier to do after the writing is done.
Making videos like these takes a lot of time and retries to get it fairly good. After I make them I evaluate them and put a number from 1 to 10 for their quality. For the Genetics video I tried to only use 8 and above. It took a lot of time. Well, I don't have a lot of time just now, so if I've got 7's, I'm going to put them up and hopefully replace them later. The critical ideas should show though. Please bear with me and understand if the videos are less than polished. I'm just doing what I can. Hopefully the content makes up for any production weaknesses.

Introductions - What we are. The Problems We Face.

Little understandings can lead to big understandings.

Human Nature, Biology, and Strategy

Keep in mind that these videos are in the context of humans husbanding their genes. The genetics video explains why we must. That means we will be consciously directing our genetic destiny. These videos are about managing the rest of our destiny. To do that we need to understand ourselves. Many of these videos are about human instincts, human nature and the choices we will make with that knowledge. Some topics have the video, test essay or both.

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