Places I Remember  

Good Places

This is all the rest. ... Well, a start on it.
This is stories, musings and pictures of sea and shore and tree and sky. This is where there will be messages to friends.
May I offer a few some Sea Stories to start with.

Kayaking Santa Cruz Island Sea Caves - Summer 2016 - Well, are you coming on the next trip?

The 2019 trips including Painted Cave and some other stuff. - I hope you were there...

Sea and Shore - Coastal Pictures from my 2015 trip. - Sort of a slideshow. The bigger the screen, the bigger the images.

Abalone - Mother of Pearl - Sorta cool.

Lonely Shores

Mendocino Dive Camp Scrapbook - Just some old fun

Diving With Mr. Peabody - A bit of whimsical humor to describe what diving would have been like a bit Way Back.

Good Pics - Unfortunately... not mine, but real good pics

Lonely Shores - May I recommend this.

Brag page - My bad habits of youth in pictures.

seahunt Diving For The Fun Of It - The original site... goes on forever.

While you are at it, check out the scenery at Brookside Gardens.

Have you ever been to Chatsworth? Nice place, though it used to be far nicer even. This is how I remember it. I remember Chatsworth.

How About Going Here...
Morro Bay Dock in the Fog

Give this a little while. It should be good.