California Coast -

 Photo Expedition

California and especially the California Coast has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Please join me for a bit of a photo road trip to explore its many wonders.

Occasionally I get to go on one of my "photo expeditions" which is just an excuse for travelling the coast as I have done over so many years. The scenery is always spectacular. I always do take a lot of pictures and I thought they would be fun to show to people, but which ones and how to do them justice... without driving people crazy or using too much web bandwidth. I ended up with a cloud website and decided to put them there. Now if you know about my diving seahunt website, you know that I am a writer, not a photographer and a long winded one at that. I hope you've seen that and maybe even liked it, but this is meant to be pictures, not prose. It's meant to be something to effortlessly wander through, to refresh when you are tired in mind or soul. The idea is that you can view a page and then click the link to the next page and just keep going.

Some of the pictures are pretty big.
You might want to maximize your browser or use F11 key to expand it.
Look for the images that are wider than your screen and explore them.
There is a lot to see in them.

Enjoy the trip, Mike seahunt Diving For The Fun Of It

1. Yeah, on our way, the Russian River. Just start here.
2. Then to the cliffs at Jenner.
3. Backtrack to the Redwoods of the Armstrong Grove.
4. Then down the blustery Sonoma Coast towards Bodega Bay
5. A place of so many memories - Bodega Bay
7.An oddly pretty place - Tomalas Bay
8. A lush sanctuary for birds - Drakes Bay
9. Cold, Harsh, Dangerous, My Playground - San Mateo Coast
What I wrote about the San Mateo Coast a while ago. It's from another trip, but it's pretty good. Check it out.
10. Serene Bay, Violent Sea - Morro Bay
11. Sunny SoCal